Deliverable 2.6: Simulations of diet recommendations and assessment of their economic, environmental and nutritional impacts.

Deliverable 3.2: The role of different food chain actors on setting private food standards

Deliverable 2.5: Consumer choice related to meat/fish consumption and their possible replacement by plant-based products: results from lab experiments and costbenefit analysis

Deliverable 4.7: Database on farm-level production and sustainability indices for assessing sustainable diets

Newsletter 2

Operationalising the health aspects of sustainable diets: a review

Deliverable 4.3: Establishing a common accounting system for the LCA and emission leakage in the CAPRI model

Deliverable 4.4: Crop production in the context of food and nutrition security

Can Information about Health and Environment Beef Up the Demand for Meat Alternatives?

Mechanisms and Regulation in the Food Chain

Newsletter 1

Deliverable 12.1 Consortium Agreement

Deliverable 11.3 - First leaflet and press release

Deliverable 11.2 Logo and Website

Deliverable 11 .1 Communication Plan

Deliverable 8.2: Preliminary report on Task 8.2: prices forecasting model

Deliverable 8.1: The decomposition of agricultural commodity markets volatility between fundamentals and market speculation

Deliverable 4.4: Preliminary report on Task 4.4: drivers of crop production

Deliverable 4.2: The drivers of fisheries and aquaculture production in the EU

Deliverable 4.1: The drivers of livestock production in the EU