Deliverable 2.4: Preliminary report on Task 2.4: lab experiment on consumers choice

Deliverable 2.2: Protocol for defining the nutritional adequacy of total diets and foods consumed in EU countries

Deliverable 2.1: Consumers’ knowledge about the determinants for a sustainable diet

Deliverable 1.2: Metrics to assess Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security in the EU - a progress report

Deliverable 1.1: A Framework for Assessing and Devising Policy for Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security in EU: The SUSFANS conceptual framework

Quality standards versus nutritional taxes: Health welfare impacts with strategic firms

Spatial heterogeneity of the agricultural sector in economic models

SUSFANS WP1 “Conceptual framework and FNS sustainability metrics” Second Workshop

Modelling Sustainability and Nutrition in Long Run Analyses of the EU Agri-Food system: Work plan for the SUSFANS Toolbox

The vision of the SUSFANS project

Report of the 1st Stakeholder Core Group Workshop

D 6.1 The SUSFANS Stakeholder Core Group, drawn across different sectors and roles in European FNS