Deliverable 4.5: The drivers of crop production at regional level in the EU: an econometric analysis

Paper authors
Andrea Zimmermann (UBO), Catharina Latka (UBO)
Nov 29 2017
Description Crop production is the most crucial primary agricultural production activity for both food and nutrition security. Around 70% of the calories per capita and day come from plant-based products. The report provides a qualitative assessment of drivers of crop production and a quantitative analysis of crop yields in the EU. Crop yield trends are largely positive throughout the EU. Average efficiencies in yield exploitation are between 70 and 80% depending on the crop. Climate has mixed effects on crop yields and farm size, fertilizer and plant protection all clearly positively affect crop yields.
Corresponding Author(s)
Andrea Zimmermann (UBO), Catharina Latka (UBO)
Authors at SUSFANS
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