2017 - An important year for SUSFANS

Thom Achterbosch

2017 - An important year for SUSFANS

2017 has been an important and proaductive year for SUSFANS. Not only did we complete a long trajectory of developing metrics for sustainable food and nutrition security, we also assessed consumer diets in selected European countries against a common food-based dietary guideline.

In addition, a deeper understanding was gained on several drivers that have an impact on European diets and food system outcomes, and several research teams engaged to better model and quantify these across the domains of nutrition and integrated assessment. Apart from the scientific achievements, the project has been building its legacy. One major achievement here is that SUSFANS has entered into a partnership with FIT4FOOD2030, a new project for building the platform for dialogue on the FOOD2030 agenda of the EU.

Through this partnership we are able to leverage our food systems thinking and foresight on EU contributions to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) towards over a 100 policy and city labs and a think tank on research and innovation for a future-proof food system. We are thankful to our stakeholder core group, project advisory board and all other supporters and we look forward to continue engaging with you in 2018.


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