WP 6: Stakeholder interaction and scenario review

General Information

The overall objective of Work Package 6 is to ensure SUSFANS products are of optimal value to a balanced range of end users by building and maintaining a solid and effective interaction with a broad stakeholder community throughout the life of the project.  It is of major importance to build and maintain a relation with the stakeholders throughout the project involving them in a proactive manner. This provides added value to SUSFANS work, particularly when considering the range of the disciplines that will be engaged.

The Work Package will establish how existing European-level, food-related scenarios can best be used for foresight activities for European FNS.

Latest Publication

Deliverable 6.2: A systematic review of existing EU-wide scenarios related to the EU sustainable food and nutrition security, identification of most salient features, and resulting synthesis scenarios for exploring sustainable diets

Scenarios as a tool to reflect on future pathways to sustainable food and nutrition security. Building on existing foresight and scenario exercises and identifying their most salient features in order to be combined in SUSFANS scenarios able to assess the EU policy goals for food systems.

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Newsletter 1

The first Newsletter of 2016 on project updates and informative SUSFANS research

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D 6.1 The SUSFANS Stakeholder Core Group, drawn across different sectors and roles in European FNS

Establishing a Stakeholder Core Group (SCG). A SCG of about 40 organisations will be convened, drawn from suggestions from all SUSFANS WP leaders. Balance across stakeholder communities, food systems areas, countries and gender will be paramount. This SCG will spearhead the stakeholder interaction across WPs 1-5, with WP11, and with other WPs as appropriate. Other members will therefore be co-opted as needed.

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News in work package 6

Systematic review of existing EU-wide scenarios related to sustainable food and nutrition security

SUSFANS aims to develop a toolbox that can aid policy-makers in making balanced and encompassing decisions on potential interventions to achieve food and nutrition security in the EU. An essential part of that is the use of scenarios/plausible futures, both quantitative and qualitative, to better understand the possible implications of decisions currently debated.

Livestock and fish: Around 40 stakeholders participated in SUSFANS 3rd SCG Workshop

Vienna - Around 40 persons participated in the the 3rd Workshop of the SUSFANS project at September 28, 2017. In the focus of the meeting, which took place in Vienna, Austria, was the role of livestock and fish for a sustainable food and nutrition security in Europe.

Stakeholders discuss SUSFANS methods, metrics and models

Around 40 experts in the field of food and nutrition security met in Prague, Czech Republic on October 30, 2015, to discuss, review, refine and give feedback on the SUSFANS project. Read the summary and the report.

1st Stakeholder Core Group Workshop

This first workshop will introduce the SUSFANS project with a special focus on the Work Package 1 ‘Conceptual framework and food and nutrition security (FNS) sustainability metrics’ and the Work Package 6 ‘Stakeholder interaction and scenario review’.