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2017 - An important year for SUSFANS

2017 has been an important and proaductive year for SUSFANS. Not only did we complete a long trajectory of developing metrics for sustainable food and nutrition security, we also assessed consumer diets in selected European countries against a common food-based dietary guideline.

Stakeholder reviews of the Project 2017

During the last year stakeholder continued to interact with the project team and gave motivating feedback for the future. Voices out of the private sector named the work done so fare within SUSFANS ‘impressive’ - but expectations remain high.

Visions for sustainable food and nutrition security in Europe

How can we improve the food system in the EU, especially from the perspective of social, environmental and economic sustainability? How can we balance and encompass views on how to strengthen food and nutrition security in the EU?

These are the core questions of the SUSFANS project. SUSFANS’ overall goal is to come to a better food and nutrition system for human health, the environment and corporate enterprises in Europe.