1.Analysis of the food and nutrition system: The Conceptual Framework

SUSFANS will develop metrics for food system sustainability that capture the range of world views across food system actors. It enhance the conceptualization of a sustainable food and nutrition system. A core part is to define metrics and identify socioeconomic and environmental drivers and their interaction. Changes in these drivers will influence the food system that will lead to socioeconomic and environmental feedbacks. This is done within Work Package 1


2. Analyzing data and drivers of the european food systems.

To create useful tools for policy makers and to understand the european food systems, we need data and drivers. Thus, SUSFANS works on understanding the drivers of changes and responses to dietary recommendations and provide insight in consumer's decision making, ie. based on new information.

Furthermore, the Project will improve the understanding of determinants of private food standards. A core part of SUSFANS is to understand, collect and prepare drivers of the primary agricultural and fish sector.

Case studies will illustrate and validate sustainability metrics, helping to assess major current food supply chains.


3. Usability

Creating working models and tools is not useful without usability. To ensure that products are of optimal value to a balanced range of end users, SUSFANS builds an maintain a solid and effective interaction with a broad stakeholder community throughout the life of the project.


4. Models and Foresight

A core part of the SUSFANS project is the modelling sector. Not only does the team try to operationalize “SHARP diets” for EU consumers in sub-regions based on individual-level data such diets are environmentally Sustainable, Healthy, Affordable, Reliable and Palatable.

Creating Early warning systems as well as short- and long-term forecasts for the most relevant agricultural commodities is also on the Map, as well as giving foresight on future development of the european food and nutrition sector.