Deliverable 9.3: Enhanced modelling of sustainable food and nutrition security: food supply and use of scarce resources

Paper authors
Thomas Heckelei (UBO), Miroslav Batka (IIASA), Chiao-Ya Chang (UBO), Petr Havlík (IIASA), Marijke Kuiper (WEcR), Catharina Latka (UBO), David Leclere, Krisztin Tamas (IIASA)
Feb 5 2018
Description This deliverable reports on Task 9.3 and describes the enhanced modelling of food supply and the use of scarce resources. The enhancements improve the analysis of sustainable food and nutrition security in response to (policy) shocks with regard to coverage and accuracy of sustainability metrics provided by long-run modelling tools in SUSFANS.
Corresponding Author(s)
Thomas Heckelei
Authors at SUSFANS
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