Deliverable 2.6: Simulations of diet recommendations and assessment of their economic, environmental and nutritional impacts.

Paper authors
Xavier Irz (Luke)
Jørgen Jensen (University of Copenhagen)
Pascal Leroy (INRA)
Vincent Réquillart (INRA)
Louis-Georges Soler (INRA)
Apr 5 2017
Description We analyse ex-ante the sustainability effects of diet recommendations in France, Denmark and Finland to conclude that: 1- The promotion of several diet recommendations would improve social welfare; 2- Healthy-eating recommendations targeting consumption of fruits/vegetables, salt and saturated fat should be prioritized for promotion; 3- Although synergies dominate, trade-offs between environmental and health objectives occur in some cases ; and 4- The taste/utility cost of dietary change imposed on consumers should be included in the welfare analysis of diet recommendations.
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