Spatial heterogeneity of the agricultural sector in economic models

Paper authors
Marcel Adenäuer, Wolfgang Britz, Andrea Zimmermann
May 23 2016
Description Recent food price spikes and their potential link to biofuel and increased food demand (e.g. Ajanovic, 2011; Gilbert, 2010; Mueller et al., 2011; Piesse and Thirtle, 2009; Zilberman et al., 2012), on-going land use changes, such as conversion of tropical forest to agricultural land, and their relation to Green House Gas Emissions (cf. Harvey and Pilgrim, 2011) and discussions around the so-called bioeconomy (e.g. Hertel et al., 2013; Sheppard et al., 2011; Zilberman et al., 2013) all have renewed societal and scientific interest in better understanding how agricultural land use reacts to price and policy signals. Consequently, economic models working on quite different scales and being based on different methodologies were extended in recent years to better deal with land use and management issues.
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Marcel Adenäuer
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