First Stakeholder Core Group Workshop

General information

This first workshop introduced the SUSFANS project with a special focus on the Work Package 1 ‘Conceptual framework and food and nutrition security (FNS) sustainability metrics’ and the Work Package 6 ‘Stakeholder interaction and scenario review’.

During 4 parallel working groups, experts actively reviewed, helped refine and provided feedback on:

  • the SUSFANS Conceptual Framework that serves as an overall project guide;
  • a set of metrics to assess the overall sustainability of the food system, balanced across the range of world views on the assessment of the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainable food;
  • case studies that will include a) proteins from livestock-fish supply chains and b) micronutrients from fruits and vegetables supply chains;
  • existing explorative scenarios, so as to identify their most salient features for exploring sustainable diets and food systems in the EU, within a global context of food security and climate change.

The next steps to be addressed during the 3 upcoming workshops will be explained during this first SCG workshop.


Workshop information

Final report:

Report of the 1st Stakeholder Core Group Workshop

Powerpoints and public files:

Session 1: Introduction of the Project

by Thom Achterbosch

SUSFANS Work package 1 and 6
by John Ingram

Presentation of the Stakeholder Core Group Roles
by Pierre Dussort

Short Set of Stakeholder Views:

Fostering Research and Innovation for Food and Nutrition Security
by Karen Fabbri

Industry view on Sustainable FNS - How to achieve it?
Sheila Wiseman

Influencer view on Sustainable FNS - How to achieve it?
by Jane Wallace-Jones


Session 2: Conceptual Framework and Sustainability Metrics

Introduction to SUSFANS Conceptual Framework and sustainability metrics up to date
by Monica Zurek


Session 3: Case Studies and Explorative Scenarios

Foresight in SUSFANS: combining explorative and intervention scenarios
by Joost Vervoort, Monika Zurek, John Ingram

SUSFANS Case studies
by Hannah van Zanten and Inge Tetens


Workshop program:

Workshop program



SUSFANS Final booklet


Registration was open to SUSFANS partners and invited stakeholders from academia, industry and the public sector.
Requests for attendance from interested scientists who have not received an invitation should be e-mailed to Dr Pierre Dussort, Scientific Project Manager, at

Venue and accomodation:
The event was held at:
Angelo Hotel Prague
Radlická 3216/1G
CZ – 150 00 Praha
+ 420 234 801 111