Andrea Zimmermann

Deliverable 1.3: Sustainability metrics for the EU food system: a review across economic, environmental and social considerations

Deliverable 4.5: The drivers of crop production at regional level in the EU: an econometric analysis

Deliverable 4.7: Database on farm-level production and sustainability indices for assessing sustainable diets

Newsletter 2

Deliverable 4.4: Crop production in the context of food and nutrition security

Deliverable 4.4: Preliminary report on Task 4.4: drivers of crop production

Deliverable 1.2: Metrics to assess Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security in the EU - a progress report

A Framework for Assessing and Devising Policy for Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security in EU: The SUSFANS conceptual framework

Spatial heterogeneity of the agricultural sector in economic models

Modelling Sustainability and Nutrition in Long Run Analyses of the EU Agri-Food system: Work plan for the SUSFANS Toolbox